2010 in review & plans for 2011

Like many, I spend December thinking about the highs and lows of the year. Then, in early January Tribe Research has its bi-annual planning session to review the previous year and set out the strategy for the year ahead. It is a great way to bring everyone together, energise, share ideas, and cement a plan for the future.

Looking back, a lot happened in 2010, personally and professionally.

  • Tribe Research grew fast with a new team. Fast growth tests your business. A new team tests your systems and procedures, especially when they come on board when you’re above target. They need to get up to speed fast. It’s a great team who feel empowered by being given space to explore, uncover and drive change themselves. This is great for your business in the longer term, although at the time it is very hectic.
  • I joined the Creation Healthcare team as an Associate Consultant. Sharing ideas with others working in the health sector and working with a global team gave great insights to the research I do, as well as ideas for Tribe Research having a team with a flexible working style (something I’m always striving for).
  • I lost my friend, mentor and grandpa. He was an amazing source of inspiration for me. One of my last conversations with grandpa was about Musica Viva’s Young Professionals program. He was their patron, and was excited about the program and me getting involved. It was great to have the opportunity to discuss it with him.
  • Marlo day 9I had my longest break from Sydney – spending 7 weeks in New York allowed it to start feeling like a second home rather than a holiday. It was great to meet my niece (pictured left). As a friend said, it was a period of the ‘bookends of life’ – while as a family we lost grandpa, we gained a new edition, Marlo. The business grew while I was away, thanks to a great team, which has so many great flow on benefits.
  • I was reminded that a good, random, small idea can grow to be something bigger quite easily – one night I thought it would be good to support small businesses at Christmas by buying their products as gifts and then promoting on social media. The response to my Christmas Mission was great and plans are underway to make it bigger and better in 2011.
  • I had a strange sense that the symbols and logos that developed with Tribe Research’s growth were coming to their own fruition while in another way I was stepping away from the core of service delivery, giving me freedom to focus on the growth of the business. Sound esoteric?
    • Tribe Research’s logo is 4 puzzle pieces, designed over a decade ago because Tribe Research is about putting together the pieces of your tribe. In 2010, I felt the pieces of the puzzle of what I wanted to do were falling into place.
    • The first sub-brand for Tribe Research, in 2004, was Tribal Voice – the tribe of a business needs to have a voice. It started as our newsletter and now encompasses communicating back.
    • In the same period we developed our running tag – explore, uncover, drive change – because we felt that was what we were about. It has become part of the whole business. Our research assistants are Explorers, our project managers are Discoverers (because you can’t call them Uncoverers) and I’m called the Change Driver. Our planning and training days are called Planning Expeditions and Training Expeditions, and projects are called Expeditions. Team members are encouraged to submit ideas that outline what they have explored and uncovered and their change driving idea. Our website outlines how exploring is asking questions, uncovering is analysing feedback and driving change is implementing ideas.
    • The second sub-brand of Tribe Research was Tribal Know-How – sharing knowledge and planning.  It came about because one of my team in 2005 said I was good at sharing my knowledge and should start workshops. Tribal Know-How has developed to be about planning sessions and the workshops have become part of Tribal Tool-Kit as Masterclasses.
    • The need for businesses to have tools to grow themselves started to form as an idea in 2006 under the brand of Tribal Tool-Kit. It has taken a few turns but is now back on track as being a ‘tool-kit’ for businesses to grow through knowing their tribe.
    • In 2001, we incorporated clear-head to explore, uncover and drive change because to drive change you need to get a clear head after you explore and uncover. Getting a clear head is getting away from the every day to assess and decide what you need to do to then drive change.
    • In 2008 the ‘Know Your Tribe‘ brand was integrated. When we first started it there was little understanding of its meaning, particularly from my family that were still thinking in the literal sense of ‘tribe’ whereas in 2010 I was asked numerous times if I changed my name for the sake of my business.

2011 looks to be just as big and although you can’t plan everything, several great ideas are already starting to come together.

Photos courtesy of TheGoodTribe – a talented amateur photographer and Director of Finance at 20×200 based in New York (and my brother).

It was a great year for the pieces of the puzzle to come together both for Tribe Research and myself. Here’s to 2011 seeing those pieces cementing together!

How was your 2010 and what are your plans for 2011?

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  1. Annalisa Jan 30, 2011 - Reply

    Great post Kate and WOW on all of your achievements and successes throughout 2010. Equally though I’m sorry to hear about your Grandpa but love how you have seen the birth of your niece as a new edition and perhaps shifting some of that loss to a new life. I’m honoured to be your friend and look forward to seeing you complete your puzzle this year!

    • Kate Tribe Jan 30, 2011 - Reply

      Thanks Annalisa! 2010 was a big year – as it was for you. Congrats on your BRW article that tells a similar story for The Transcription People.

  2. John Haining Jan 30, 2011 - Reply

    So inspiring to see your plans for 2011 and reflections on 2010 – thanks for sharing these and hope you have a great year ahead!

    • Kate Tribe Jan 30, 2011 - Reply

      Thanks John! I think it is such an important process to reflect and plan, but sharing adds so much more to the experience. Hope you have a great year also.


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