Flinders Quartet – Complementing interests and collaborations

Helen Ireland 620

Helen IrelendFormed over a decade ago in Melbourne  the Flinders Quartet have two subscription seasons in Melbourne and one in Sydney, as well as performing at festivals and other projects.

I’m interested in the business of a quartet as they have similarities and differences to other SMEs. I think we can learn from each other, if we learn more about how each other operate.

Podcast series explores the business of the Flinders Quartet.

In this podcast Helen Ireland talks about Feldenkrais and how it complements being a musician, collaborations that the Flinders Quartet have undertaken, and an innovative CD recording.

Key insights

  • Feldenkrais method helps performance through physically and mentally relaxing you
  • Collaborations provide a different perspective from other experts that add to your own knowledge and experience
  • Innovative ideas, such as recording a CD of short pieces, are not only an interesting journey to create but offer greater exposure to music than what is currently available.

Listen to the podcast

Podcast length: 9:32 minutes

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Find out more about the Flinders Quartet: WebsiteFacebookTwitter

Buy tickets to their concerts: Utzon Room, Sydney Opera HouseMontsalvat, Eltham VictoriaIwaki Auditorium, Melbourne Recital Centre

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