Are you a ‘Whinger’ or ‘Resilient Do-er’?

I was recently interviewed by Julianne Dowling for an article she was writing. She wanted to know how I was being innovative as a market research business owner in the present economic situation and planning for the future.

The focus of the article was the Adversity Quotient developed by Dr Paul Stolz.

Australians scored just one point above the global average on the overall ratings (ie: not as good) and ‘we’ let negative work issues affect other aspects of our lives. On the upside Julianne reports that the research showed: “we also have an innate ability to knuckle down and solve our problems in times of adversity”.

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Which tribe do you want to be a part of? The tribe of “world class whingers” or the “resilient do-ers”. I find whinging, exhausting; but doing is energising.

The research also found that training can help you be more positive, resilient and innovative in all aspects of your life.

Running your own business isn’t ‘a walk in the park’ but that is what makes it so rewarding.  Now is a great time to reflect on the year, thinking about where you were in December 2007 and where you want to be in December 2009. Celebrate the highs. Think about what you can do differently for the things that didn’t work out the way you planned.

I have several specific actions that help me be resilient:

  1. Support networks: Advisory Board, Great Minds Group, friends, family
  2. A 3+ / 3- rule: Think about 3 things I enjoy doing and how I can structure my life & business so they feature more; think about 3 things that I don’t enjoy and how I can structure my life & business so they go away or don’t feature as much
  3. Activities to mentally escape: classical music, crime novels, sewing, dinner parties, cricket, cricket, and oh, cricket.

What do you do to maintain your membership to the resilient do-er tribe?

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